Adam Cole reveals Shawn Michaels’ involvement in recent Takeover match

The NXT Champion Adam Cole was recently a guest on Lilian Garcia’s “Chasing Glory,” podcast where he talked about a number of wrestling-related topics.



During the interview, Cole talked about his recent match with Johnny Gargano at NXT TakeOver: Toronto and revealed interesting details about Shawn Michaels’ involvement in the bout.

Gargano revealed that Michaels was one of the producers of the highly praised bout and he went on to claim that Shawn produces all of his matches:

Yeah, so the two gentlemen involved were Michael Hayes and Shawn Michaels. Which, again, Michael is great. Brilliant. Normally, he’s involved in producing my matches. Shawn Michaels is involved in every one of my matches.

The NXT Champion also revealed the reaction of people backstage after their bout and said that everyone was applauding when they got to the back:

When we got to the back, everyone was applauding. Happy, hugs, handshakes, but the first question who anybody who came up to me asked was ‘Hey, are you okay?’ Making sure about that first. Then when I told them I was fine they said, ‘Incredible, thank you so much for doing that.’

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