Adam Pearce Could Be Fired By WWE

Paul Heyman revealed that Adam Pearce could be fired from his kayfabe WWE executive position if he doesn’t announce the next PPV main event soon. Adam Pearce is WWE’s current biggest ratings draw.



Heyman said on Talking Smack, “Here’s a bit of inside intel for you. If you’re not fired by next Tuesday or Wednesday, then Roman Reigns and I will have the distinct honor and pleasure of watching you get fired live, next Friday on SmackDown. Now you may think that’s hyperbole. You may think that’s a bluff.

Let me lay it out for you. Edge, under your watch, is pulling everybody’s strings. The tail is wagging the dog. Edge manipulating this situation so that everyone has to wait for him to make his answer, to make his decision, is putting you on a direct path to the unemployment line.”

He added, “This Monday night, you will show up on Monday Night Raw, and you have no choice but to announce a main event for Raw for the Elimination Chamber PPV. You have no choice but to announce Drew McIntyre’s opponent as the Raw main event for the Elimination Chamber.

If you don’t, Mr. Pearce, you have put yourself in a position that next week you will either be heading towards a major advertising campaign for the main event from Raw at the Elimination Chamber or, you sir, will be heading straight to the unemployment line.”

Fightful transcribed Heyman’s remarks. Pearce recently posted two throwback photos.

He wrote on Twitter, “Because most of the luxurious hair I used to be able to grow decided one day to fall out. The rest of it that decided to stick around then mostly decided to turn grey and/or white. Thus, I am now bald when I once was:”

He also said, “If you didn’t know or somehow doubted that I patterned my early wrestling look after @TheRealXPac, allow my submission of these 1999 images to remove all conceivable doubt. #ThrowbackThursday.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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