Adam Schiff ‘Warns’ Jill Biden In Video

It has been noted that Influential House Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff (CA) is calling for President Joe Biden as well as former President Donald Trump to take a cognitive exam via Mediaite.



While appearing on Meet the Press Sunday, Schiff — who is the Democratic nominee for one of California’s U.S. Senate seats in 2024, said that age is the sole reason that Biden, who is 81, is struggling in the polls against Trump.

“Given Joe Biden’s incredible record, given Donald Trump’s terrible record, he should be mopping the floor with Donald Trump,” Schiff said.

“Joe Biden is running against a criminal. It should not be even close. And there’s only one reason it is close. And that’s the president’s age.”

Meet the Press moderator Kristen Welker questioned Schiff about Biden’s refusal to take an independent neurological exam.

“Do you think he should take a cognitive test?” Welker asked.

“Look, I’d be happy if both the president and Donald Trump took cognitive tests,” Schiff replied, hedging.

“So that’s a yes?” Welker asked, pressing. “You think he should take a cognitive test?”

“They both should be willing to take a test,” Schiff responded.

Welker then asked Schiff regarding a part of Biden’s interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos Friday which did not sit well with many Democrats.

“You know, Congressman, when I talk to Democrats, one of the exchanges that frustrated the most from that interview on Friday was when he was asked, what happens if you lose? President Biden said it’s about whether he gave it his all. Is that what it’s about? Is that answer satisfying to you?”

“No,” Schiff said. “That is the answer that most concerned me as well. This is not just about whether he gave it the best college try, but rather whether he made the right decision to run or to pass the torch.”

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