New Additions To FCW Roster, Female WWE Ring Announcer Given Official Name

Four new WWE developmental talents have been added to the Florida Championship Wrestling roster page on; Alexander Rusev, Audrey Marie, Eden Stiles and Ethan Levin.



Rusev formerly competed as Miroslav “The Bulgarian” for Knokx Pro Entertainment in California. He was signed to a developmental contract last year.

Marie, a brunette, introduced herself as Ashley Miller at a FCW live event last month and indicated she is from Houston, Texas.

Stiles is Tampa based model Brandi Reed, who signed a developmental contract with WWE in March. She debuted last month in FCW as a valet for Lucky Cannon and has conducted ring announcer duties the past two weeks on WWE Superstars.

Levin is a 6’6″, 270 pound wrestler billed from Tel-Aviv, Israel. He is the first male wrestler to earn a WWE developmental contract directly from Florida Championship Wrestling beginner’s class.

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