Advice for Aspiring WWE Developmental Talents, JR’s First Column for FOX Sports, The Shield

– The Shield will be appearing at the Adventureland Store in Voorhees Township, New Jersey on March 22nd from 11:30am until 1:30pm.



– Jim Ross’ first column for FOX Sports looks at Ric Flair, the Carolina Panthers and the San Francisco 49ers.

– reports that they were asked by a WWE source to print the following in regards to what you should do if you are an indie wrestler who wants to get into WWE developmental:

“Tell these indie kids to get their cardio in shape, get a strong workout plan (non-juice), learn less wrestling and more storytelling, utilize YouTube to cut NONPROFANITY promos, and either stay the fuck off of Twitter or don’t be dumb on Twitter. This is a lot of what NXT looks at.”

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