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AEW on TNT: Chris Jericho to have two mystery partners in match against Young Bucks & Kenny Omega

All Elite Wrestling has announced a second match for their much awaited debut episode of AEW on TNT.

The company made the announcement of the match on Wednesday, stating that The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) will team up with Kenny Omega to go against Chris Jericho and his two mystery partners in a six-man tag team match.

Following the announcement, Jericho took to his social media to comment on the match.

“Now THIS is how you make a national television debut…..
@mattjackson13, @nickjacksonyb & @kennyomegamanx VS #Jericho & 2 MYSTERY PARTNERS. And trust me…you’re not gonna believe who I’m planning on bringing in! Get your tickets THIS FRIDAY and be a part of history!”

This is the second match announced for the premiere of AEW’s television show on TNT. The previously announced match is Cody Rhodes vs. Sammy Guevara in a singles contest.

The first episode of the show will be broadcasted on TNT on Wednesday, October 2, emanating from the Capital One Arena in Washington, DC. Tickets are scheduled to be on sale from this Friday, August 2nd at Noon ET/9 am.

Before the premiere of the show though, AEW will be having another pay-per-view event, the sold out All Out. It will be taking place on Saturday, August 31 from the Sears Centre in Chicago. The event will determine the inaugural AEW World Champion in the form of a match between Adam Page and Chris Jericho.

  • AKPunk91


  • Sparti Love

    Here comes the Outsiders

  • rob

    The same people in the same matches are gonna get old real fast without good storylines

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    Hopefully it’s not Mr. Hughes or Ralphus… LOL

  • Grant Thomson

    who better to team with the washed up Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah then the Rock n Roll Express!

  • CC

    I also think they seem to be over complicating stuff for the sake of “change”. That whole battle royal with the rules about how people enter just made it confusing as hell, and even the announcers did not seem to understand how it worked.

    They don’t need to change the basics and ignore classic tropes, they just need to use those basics and tropes better than the likes of WWE are right now.

    I know WWE over does the drama aspect with too many promos etc, but we have seen great matches in the past get overlooked because there is no story behind the match. Feuds quite often make a feud that much more interesting as you get a feel for why these two people are so hell bent on destroying each other. A wrestling match is a story in itself, but having some kind of foundation laid beforehand really does help the guys in the ring sell a match.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Don’t hold your breath. Cody has made it clear in the past that he thinks “heel” and “face” are tropes that don’t have a place in wrestling anymore. I’d go forward expecting a lot of “tweeners” in AEW.

    AEW is in a difficult position where they want to get rid of all the stereotypical “‘rasslin'” stuff, like solid faces and heels, and storylines being more important than the actual wins and losses… but then at the same time, they seem to want to rely on a fair amount of old-school stuff, like time limits, time limit draws being used to protect people, and even being on TNT to the point where people are comparing it to WCW.

    They seem to simultaneously want to pay homage to the old territories and WCW while trying to ignore the essence of what they built.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Hopefully the mystery partners are actually good, and it doesn’t end up being some team that’s already on the roster, or a pair of legends who can’t wrestle anymore.

  • CC

    I hope they start to settle on what side everyone takes (heel or face) when the show starts as right now it has been kinda confusing, with Cody and The Bucks flip flopping between heel and face over the last few shows.