AEW Dynamite ‘Buries’ Lana & Vince McMahon

AEW Dynamite took a shot at two WWE stories on Wednesday night. Miro, formerly known as Rusev, took a shot at WWE’s booking of himself with his real life wife, Lana. Miro was booked in a ‘cuck’ angle last year where Lana left him for Bobby Lashley.



Miro was cutting a promo backstage to Kip Sabian on why his wife Penelope Ford and family didn’t matter when it came to his own career, as Miro said he wants to be AEW World Champion.

Miro told Kip, “The worst thing for your career is having your wife at ringside.”

In an earlier segment, Don Callis gave a ‘No Leg Slapping’ shirt to The Young Bucks, a reference to Vince McMahon banning ‘leg slaps’ at WWE shows, even displaying signs backstage. A top WWE star was caught ‘leg slapping’ Monday on Raw.

This was definitely a receipt for Drew McIntyre, who appeared to mock the finish to AEW Revolution where Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega had a ‘botched’ explosion, that was more comparable to a Gillberg sparkler entrance than what was hyped up, or how Eddie Kingston sold the explosion. AEW’s storyline explanation was that Omega had poorly designed the explosion for the PPV.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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