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AEW Dynamite defeats NXT in viewership

AEW Dynamite continued to build towards AEW Revolution, while NXT prepared for NXT TakeOver: Portland. It seems Dynamite performed better this week.

According to a report by Showbuzz Daily, AEW Dynamite received 817,000 viewers with a .41 rating in the 18-49 demographic. NXT got an average viewership of 757,000 viewers with a .28 rating in the same 18-49 demographic.

However, this is a drop in viewership compared to last week where Dynamite got 928,000 viewers. WWE NXT brought in 770,000 viewers.

Despite the drop in viewership, Dynamite continues to defeat NXT in ratings since the start of 2020. We will have to see how long they can carry on with this momentum.

  • CC

    Now your post might make sense if it was not for the AEW fans constantly crowing about AEW getting higher ratings than NXT.
    It just amazes me how hypocritical fans of both franchises can be. As I have said before, AEW is more similar to WWE than any AEW fan would like to admit, and the same goes for the AEW fans being way too similar to WWE fans. There are huge marks on both sides of the fence, and they are usually the ones who deny being marks and accuse anyone who praises the other promotion of being marks.

  • Mike the Ike

    Yep. AEW and NXT basically draw the same ratings every single week. That means that no matter how good a show AEW promotes, there are still those 700,000 people who will watch NXT live instead of waiting until Thursday to watch it on the Network. If AEW can’t take viewers from NXT, they will never take viewers away from Raw or Smackdown should they ever try to go head to head with them. AEW can claim to be the alternative and have a TV-14 rating, but New Japan type story telling and using the S-word every week is not a true alternative.

  • Just Saying

    Tell me again how great the Buck’s buttholes taste.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Nobody cares about AEW. Most of us don’t watch NXT until the weekend either on Hulu or WWE network. But AEW is not really growing it only old wrestling fans who still living the golry days.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares if they ever go above 1M. TNT is certainly happy with the ratings and the product us a great alternative to vanilla WWE. Only WWE marks care about this.

  • CC

    I have to say I agree with you.

    The whole point of AEW was to be an alternative to WWE, and while you do not expect viewing figures to be as big intially due to RAW and SD being long term established shows, they should at least be pulling in between 1 – 1.5 million by now. People can say “well if it NXT was on a different night they would be doing that”, but they are totally ignoring that a huge portion of the NXT audience is WWE loyalists who will not watch AEW, and another section of viewers are channel hoppers who switch between shows depending on the matches that are on at the time.

    I think even if they were on Tues or Thurs they would still be pulling in similar figures, much the same as I think NXT would not pull in that much more, as was evidenced by when they started broadcasting prior to AEW’s debut. 1.1 million the first week and 1 million the second showed the typical initial hype of a debut show (TNA did the same when they tried to take on RAW) and then the drop off the next week.

    Realistically AEW and NXT are never gonna draw more than 1 million or so on a regular basis.

  • CC

    To be fair though, how much has he really done since going to NXT?
    The guy should have been put there as the top guy, a big league guy coming in to dominate the smaller brand, but he comes in and nothing has changed. The show is still totally focussed on the same talent (Undisputed Era and Ciampa).

  • Sparti Love

    Adding Fin Balor to NXT did nothing for the ratings

  • D_Ohm

    I’ve come to the realization that even if AEW beats NXT in the ratings it’s still a win for WWE. While I’m sure there’s people flipping back and forth there’s people that aren’t. That means anyone glued to NXT is not watching AEW. Thus WWE (for lack of a better term) steals people who would be watching AEW if it ran on TNT unopposed. It makes it potentially harder for AEW to reach RAW numbers in the long run.

  • Luke

    It’s still a redundant comparison.

    The real question is can AEW beat WWE. That means their “A” show beating Raw, which AEW has never come close to doing. A “win” over the c-show means nothing. They’re still drawing less than a million viewers for their entire product, and their show isn’t catering to incoming fans at all. You have to know who everyone is and “get” that kind of wrestling, and all of those people are watching AEW already. It’s a lousy growth strategy. WWE may cater to families and casual viewers, but that’s exactly why they’re making more money.

  • F. Loyd B. Pippin

    All of these podcast trashing AEW aren’t working.