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AEW Dynamite & NXT tie in ratings

This week’s episodes of NXT and AEW Dynamite were very different and it was certainly a great day for wrestling fans. Both shows set up for their December 18th shows. However, this week was definitely an interesting one for the Wednesday Night Wars.

According to a report by Showbuzz Daily,  NXT and AEW Dynamite both received an average of 778,000 viewers. This was a very unexpected outcome.

NXT got a .24 in the 18-49 demographic, while AEW Dynamite got .28 in the same demographic.

The Wednesday Night Wars have certainly intensified and next week’s episodes are sure to be great ones. It will be interesting to see which show secures the victory in ratings next week.

  • CC

    Just gonna say this from an unbiased perspecive. It is fantastic to have two great wrestling shows go toe to toe on the same night, but how much is it actually hurting both shows currently too?
    Pulling in figures like this is not impressive because fans are being forced to choose one over the other to watch live. We saw the figures NXT pulled in before AEW went live, and we saw the initial figures AEW pulled in in their first weeks due to its newness and hype, but once they settled into their groove the figures have dropped off.
    I am glad though that NXT is holding its own after people tried to claim a few weeks ago that they only came close to AEW or beat them due to being involved with Survivor series.

    When you look at the ratings that RAW and SD are getting, even though they are not as good as these two shows most of the time, it kinda tells you that going head to head this early in both AEW and NXTs TV careers is not necessarily the best move. Yes both the other two shows are long established and have loyal fan bases, but AEW and NXT should be pulling in over a million every week at least.

    That said, it seems that even the live crowds are lacking for AEW, with many reports of empty seats at shows, which is something that openly gets mocked at WWE shows. Has the hype died down already? Or is it seasonal? If WWE are really thinking of taking NXT on the road and out of Full sail, maybe that is not such a good idea.