AEW Dynamite results August 22, 2020: New TNT champion, Deadly Draw

The road to the upcoming AEW All Out 2020 pay-per-view continued this week with a special AEW Saturday Night Dynamite on TNT show.



This week’s All Elite Wrestling show featured a TNT Championship bout with “The American Nightmare” Cody defending against “The Exalted One” of The Dark Order, Mr. Brodie Lee, as well as the finals of the first-ever AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament: The Deadly Draw finals between the Nightmare Sisters and the team of Ivelisse and Diamante.

Tonight’s show also included FTR vs. Private Party in tag-team action, Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks vs. The Dark Order in a six-man tag-team bout and an eight-man tag-team contest with The Lucha Bros, The Butcher & The Blade vs. Jurassic Express & Natural Nightmares.

Additionally, Darby Allin returned to in-ring action, and “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy will gave his first-ever in-ring one-on-one interview … sort of.

Featured below are our AEW Saturday Night Dynamite results from the show held at the Daily’s Place amphitheater in Jacksonville, Florida, and aired on TNT on Saturday, August 22, 2020.


After the NBA Playoff game between the Indiana Pacers and the Miami Heat runs a little long, the AEW on TNT broadcast of Saturday Night Dynamite officially kicks off a little bit after 6:30pm Eastern Time with the regular signature video package that opens the show every week.

From there we shoot inside the Daily’s Place amphitheater in Jacksonville, FL. where the announce trio of Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Tazz welcome us to the show.

FTR vs. Private Party

Then, we shoot inside the ring where the four men who will be kicking off things inside the squared circle are already standing and waiting for battle.

The advertised tag-team bout between FTR — Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler and Private Party — Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy, will be the opening match on this week’s special Saturday Night Dynamite broadcast.

We hear the bell and this one is now officially underway. It doesn’t take long for FTR to calm down the fiery duo who came out of the gate strong, but now find themselves isolated with Harwood and Wheeler utilizing quick tags to keep a fresh guy on the weakened member of Private Party who is stuck away from his side of the ring.

Harwood and Wheeler continue to dominate the action while the camera pans around and we see some familiar faces while the announcers put over Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard and other legends being fond of the old-school traditional style used by FTR in their matches.

Private Party is now showing signs of life, as they start making a comeback. They blast the FTR duo with a barrage of strikes while yelling out “Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots!” as the fans inside the Daily Place amphitheater chant along.

Quen and Kassidy enjoy a couple of minutes in control of the offense, but it isn’t long before the veteran heel tactics of FTR surface and help Harwood and Wheeler find the opening they needed to turn the tide.

They finish things off with the Goodnight Express double-team finisher after some outside interference from Tully Blanchard provides the necessary assist to get FTR the victory and help them improve to a perfect 6-0 record in the official AEW tag-team rankings.

After the match, Tully re-enters the ring and celebrates with FTR as the commentary team puts over the fact that the former Four Horsemen member has officially aligned himself with Harwood and Wheeler.

Winners: FTR

Jon Moxley Backstage Promo

After the announce trio run down some of the advertised matches and segments still to come in tonight’s broadcast, they send things over to a backstage promo segment featuring the AEW World Heavyweight Champion.

Moxley goes on to mock Maxwell Jacob Friedman, talking trash about MJF and calling him a virgin who lives in his mom’s basement. He claims that he hopes Friedman does turn out to be the man to help take AEW through the next generation long after he is done with his own in-ring career.

The AEW Champion goes on to infer that MJF is hiding something and he is going to get to the bottom of it.

MJF’s Latest State Of Wrestling Address

When we return from the break, we see and hear a very emotional and sad-sounding MJF who is back with his latest State of the Wrestling Union Address segment.

Friedman, who is wearing a big neck brace, talks with a sad, scared-sounding (with sarcastic overtones, obviously) voice as he mentions wanting to be able to play with his children but fears he won’t be able to because of Jon Moxley and his Paradigm Shift.

MJF claims his neck hurts too bad and he is in too much pain, so he moaningly asks Wardlow to take over. MJF stands nursing his wounds as Wardlow takes over and explains that Moxley’s Paradigm Shift, which he says is otherwise known as a Double-Arm DDT, is a dangerous and potentially deadly move.

He goes on to say that the MJF team have put in a formal request to have the Paradigm Shift banned. Wardlow taunts Moxley, claiming the AEW World Heavyweight Champion should be able to win a match without one little move being able to be used.

The Lucha Bros, The Butcher & The Blade vs. Natural Nightmares & Jurassic Express

After the MJF segment wraps up, we return inside Daily’s Place where we see all eight men already in the ring ready to go for our next match of the evening.

In eight-man tag-team action, we will see The Lucha Bros — Rey Fenix and Pentagon Jr., teaming up with The Butcher and The Blade to take on the foursome of Jurassic Express — Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy, who are joining forces with the Natural Nightmares — Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall.

Immediately we see some potential in-fighting on one side of the ring as all eight men collide to kick this one off with a bang. After a couple of the baby face bodies hit the floor like an old Drowning Pool song, we see our first “tope suicidas” of the evening as the duo of The Lucha Bros go flying out to the floor.

The brawling continues once the action resumes inside the ring, but still the referee is having trouble keeping order in this one, as there are constant double and triple-team spots.

The heels continue to dominate the action as Rhodes and Marshall are the only two who have been able to compete on behalf of their team, a point the announcers sell on commentary as they mention that the Jurassic Express members have been forced to stand on the apron and watch helplessly as The Lucha Bros, The Butcher and The Blade have done a good job of cutting off the ring.

As the Lucha Bros make another tag to bring in another fresh man to beat on the already weakened Natural Nightmares who are still isolated in the ring and unable to make it to their corner to tag in a fresh member of their team, we head to a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break.

We’re back from the break and finally some fresh blood enters the mix on the other side of the ring, as Jungle Boy is tagged in. The Jurassic Express member immediately turns the momentum in his team’s favor, hitting running dives to the floor on both sides of the ring repeatedly, before re-entering the ring and tagging in the big fella.

Luchasaurus tags in and the 270-pound masked monster starts unleashing hell on anything that moves until a numbers game advantage from The Lucha Bros slows down his momentum. He tags in Jungle Boy, but they do the same to him and are firmly back in control of the contest. We see some more in-fighting now on the heel side of the ring, as The Butcher and The Blade argue with The Lucha Bros. After one pushes the other, it leads to a school-boy roll-up by Jungle Boy for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Natural Nightmares & Jurassic Express

Eddie Kingston Wants Lucha Bros, The Butcher & The Blade To Walk With Him

After the match, Eddie Kingston comes out and cuts a promo, halting the in-fighting that continued in the ring among The Lucha Bros, The Butcher and The Blade after the match was over.

Kingston talks about how the four men in the ring, Pentagon Jr., Rey Fenix, The Butcher and The Blade, only lose when they are divided. He addresses each guy individually and persuades them to become united and walk with Eddie Kingston. They all embrace while Kingston looks at the camera, winks and smiles behind their backs.

Dr. Britt Baker With Penelope Ford & Kip Sabian

We shoot to a backstage segment with Dr. Britt Baker and Rebel. AEW’s only dentist, Baker, then smells something, leading to the camera panning over to show Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford making out next to she and Rebel.

Baker goes on to address Big Swole, daring her to put her money where her mouth is before the segment wraps up and we head back to another commercial break.

Tony Schiavone’s Interview With Orange Cassidy Crashed By “Le Champion”|

We’re back from the break and we see Tony Schiavone standing in the ring alone. Schiavone addresses the crowd inside Daily’s Place, as well as the viewing audience on TNT, and talks about Orange Cassidy’s victory over Chris Jericho in their rematch is one of the biggest moments in the history of AEW Dynamite.

With that said, Schiavone introduces his guest at this time, the “Freshly Squeezed” one himself. On that note, Orange Cassidy’s music hits and out he comes in all of his jean jacket glory, accompanied by his buddies the Best Friends — Chuckie T. and Trent.

Schiavone again brings up Cassidy’s victory over “Le Champion” on last week’s AEW Dynamite broadcast, but before Cassidy can respond or say anything, we hear the familiar theme song of the leader of the Inner Circle himself — Chris Jericho.

Jericho makes his way out and stops at the end of the entrance tunnel at the top of the entrance way inside Daily’s Place amphitheater. Jericho says he knows Cassidy is a man of few words, so he wanted to say some of his own before Cassidy speaks.

“Le Champion” congratulates Cassidy on his big win over him on last week’s show. He goes on to mention that he can count on one hand how many times he has lost a wrestling match in All Elite Wrestling, and one of the men who scored one of those victories is the man who puts his hands in his pockets, Orange Cassidy.

Jericho says since he too holds a win over Cassidy and because they are 1 and 1, it’s only fitting that they have a rubber match to determine who the better man truly is. He goes on to mention some of his famous wrestling gimmick matches, such as the Money In The Bank match and the Stadium Stampede, and now he has a brand new one specifically designed for the “Freshly Squeezed” one himself.

He goes on to introduce a video package that sets the stage and explains the match concept of what he is calling the “Mimosa Mayhem Match.” The match features 80 gallons of orange juice and 500 cases of “a little bit of the bubbley” and the only ways to win are by pin fall, submission or by throwing your opponent into a big mixture of the large amounts of o.j. and bubbley.

Jericho says all that is left is for Cassidy to accept the match. He lays out the formal challenge for the upcoming AEW All Out pay-per-view scheduled for September 5, 2020, and now he awaits Cassidy’s response. This leads to Orange holding a thumbs up, his only means of communication in this entire segment touting his first-ever in-ring one-on-one interview.

Regardless, we’ve got ourselves a Mimosa Mayhem Match confirmed for the AEW All Out 2020 PPV. Jericho then brings out the rest of his Inner Circle members to attack and beat down Cassidy, Chuck and Trent and pouring a little bit of the bubbley all over them the way they drowned Jericho in orange juice, ruining his $7,000 suit a few weeks ago on the show.

After this segment ends we head to another commercial break.

The Dark Order vs. The Elite

We’re back from the break and out come three members of The Dark Order — John Silver, Alex Reynolds and Alan Angels, otherwise known as Dark Order members 3, 4 and 5.

Once they settle into the ring we are treated to the collective ring walks of their opponents for this contest, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks — Nick and Matt Jackson — a.k.a. The Elite!

This six-man tag-team match is next in the ring here on AEW Saturday Night Dynamite. The bell sounds to make this one official. As the announcers plug the weekly Being The Elite digital series, which drops every Monday on the official BTE YouTube channel, we watch as The Elite jump off to an early offensive lead.

The Young Bucks take turns on Alan Angels, who is isolated in the ring by himself, as Nick and Matt Jackson exchange tags after executing various high spots, before tagging in Omega. He picks up where they left off after the two hit a stereo plancha high-spot from the ring to the floor on all three members of The Dark Order.

Moments later, the heel trio turn the offensive tide in their favor after they use a steel chair and a numbers game advantage on the floor to beat down the three members of The Elite, softening them up before returning to the ring where they now enjoy a comfortable offensive lead in the bout. As Angels takes it to Omega in the ring, J.R. leads us into a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break.

When we return from the break, it isn’t long before a one-winged angel from Omega wraps things up and helps secure the victory for the trio known as The Elite.

After the match, however, the bond between the trio seems to be weakened, as Omega is pissed and is letting it be known. He flips out a bit before Matt and Nick Jackson finally calms him down.

Winners: The Elite

Backstage With FTR, Tully Blanchard & “Hangman” Adam Page

Alex Marvez is standing by backstage with the team of Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler — FTR — who are accompanied by Tully Blanchard. A match is announced for next week’s edition of AEW Dynamite.

As the two begin cutting their promo, in walks a heated “Hangman” Adam Page. FTR quickly try and calm him down, explaining that what happened in the ring last week with the Tag Team Appreciation Night segment going off the rails with surprise attacks in the ring had nothing to do with him and wasn’t personal.

They manage to calm down the “Hangman” and appear to be on the same page as they all toast themselves with a few brews before we head to another commercial break.

Darby Allin vs. Will Hobbs

We’re back on AEW Saturday Night Dynamite where a wrestler is already standing in the ring waiting while the familiar theme of Darby Allin hits the house speakers inside the Daily’s Place amphitheater.

Allin makes his way to the ring in a hurry and blasts who we now see is Will Hobbs, his opponent for tonight, before the match is even officially started.

Allin goes to work on Hobbs outside the ring before the action continues inside the squared circle where the bell finally sounds to make this match official. Allin continues his berzerk-mode beat down on Hobbs, however Hobbs ends up absolutely killing Allin’s momentum with a big shot.

Hobbs now completely takes over on offense while the announcers point out that new AEW official Mike Chioda is the referee for this match after making his All Elite Wrestling debut last week.

Allin is showing signs of life after an extended offensive run by Hobbs and out of nowhere, Allin turns the tide and heads to the top rope. He leaps off with a Coffin Drop and pins Hobbs for the victory.

Winner: Darby Allin

Taz Introduces New Member Of Team Taz — Darby Starks

Taz tells J.R. and Schiavone on commentary that he has something for Darby Allin. With that said, he stands up from the commentary table and cuts a promo.

The Human Suplex Machine tells Allin that there is a new member to Team Taz, and his name is also Darby. With that said we hear Darby Allin’s theme music while someone comes out in Darby Allin attire with his face covered by a skateboard.

He lowers the skateboard to reveal that he is actually Ricky Starks. Starks, who also has the Darby Allin face paint on, begins cutting a promo while mocking the way Darby speaks softly and ominously with a monotone voice.

Starks taunts Allin while Taz laughs at the commentary desk and finally, the FTW Champion himself, “The Machine” Brian Cage attacks the real Darby Allin from behind in the ring.

Starks joins him and the two beat down the charismatic baby face. Afterwards Starks cuts a promo on Darby, taunting him and insulting him, to end the segment.

Matt Hardy Gives Sammy Guevara A Violent Receipt

As Sammy Guevara makes his way out, J.R. leads us into a picture-in-picture commercial break.

“The Spanish God” of the Inner Circle flips through his usual stack of comedic signs while the audio-less segment quickly goes from humorous to violent as Matt Hardy attacks him from behind.

Hardy nails Guevara with a steel chair from behind. He goes on to repeatedly blast him with the chair over-and-over again as he rages out and we finally return from the commercial in mid-assault.

As the beat down continues, Hardy grabs Guevara and sends him flying off the entrance stage, where he crashes down through a table that was set up below. A ton of AEW officials come out to get Hardy off of Guevara.

AEW Deadly Draw Finals
Nightmare Sisters vs. Ivelisse & Diamante

Shaul Guerrero, the daughter of AEW manager Vickie Guerrero and the late WWE Hall Of Fame legend Eddie Guerrero, is the ring announcer for our next contest of the evening.

It’s time for the finals of the first-ever AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament: The Deadly Draw. Shaul introduces the two teams who will be competing for the first-ever AEW Deadly Draw Trophy, which is placed on the entrance stage.

Out comes the duo of Ivelisse and Diamante, followed by the Nightmare Sisters — Brandi Rhodes and Allie. The bell sounds and here we go.

Brandi and Ivelisse kick things off for their respective teams. As the team of Brandi and Allie establish offensive control of the action, we head to a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break.

When we return from the break we see a close-up shot of the AEW Deadly Draw Trophy. The camera pans back to the ring where Allie has Diamante on the top-rope looking for a super-plex. Diamante fights her way out of it.

Diamante hits a tornado suplex and starts trying to crawl to her corner. She finally makes it over to tag in the fresher Ivelisse. She takes the hot tag and comes in clotheslining Allie and eventually Brandi, who was also tagged into the match by Allie during this sequence.

Ivelisse’s offensive run doesn’t last long, however, as she tags Diamante back in and the two look for a double-team spot, but Brandi lands a big shot and tags in Allie. Allie hits her Rabbithole spot and looks for the cover, but it is broken up.

Allie and Diamante are now the legal two women in the ring. Diamante tags Ivelisse. Shawn Spears tries to interfere but it appears to backfire. When the smoke clears, Ivelisse scores the pin on Allie. With the win, she and Diamante become the winners of the first-ever AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament: The Deadly Draw.

Winners of the FIRST-EVER AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament: The Deadly Draw: Ivelisse & Diamante

After The Match: Trophy Presentation

Once the match is officially wrapped up, the first-ever AEW Deadly Draw tournament winners go up the entrance ramp and to the trophy placed at the top of the stage. They each pull out their respective nation’s flags and show some attitude as the match and segment wraps up.

TNT Championship
Mr. Brodie Lee vs. Cody (c)

We’re back from the break and immediately “The Exalted One” of The Dark Order — Mr. Brodie Lee makes his way down to the ring for tonight’s advertised AEW Saturday Night Dynamite main event.

Out next is the TNT Champion himself, “The American Nightmare” Cody. The reigning, defending TNT Champion comes out accompanied by Arn Anderson. Our main event is up next.

Cody’s music wraps up and now the ring announcer, Justin Roberts, does the formal pre-match introductions for each competitor in this TNT Championship main event.

As the bell sounds to officially start the match, “The American Nightmare” sprints across the ring with a big kick to Brodie Lee, as he looks to gain a quick offensive advantage over arguably his toughest TNT Championship challenger to date.

Cody’s attempt at establishing an early offensive advantage completely backfires, however, as Lee turns the tide quickly. All Cody did was piss off “The Exalted One,” as Taz points out on commentary. Immediately the announce team are strongly selling the fact that Lee has hurt the arm of Cody, which “The American Nightmare” immediately begins selling to establish the arm injury.

Lee knocks Cody out to the floor with authority and then knocks him over the guard rail once the action gets going outside of the ring. “The Exalted One” finally brings Cody back into the ring where he continues to deliver more punishment. All-the-while, the announcers repeatedly bring up Cody’s injured arm, and the camera shots continue to show close-ups of the arm issues.

Mr. Brodie Lee with a huge power bomb and then his discus lariat. He flattens “The American Nightmare” and covers him. 1-2-3. Mr. Brodie Lee essentially just ended Cody’s TNT Championship reign in squash match fashion. Wow. We see highlights which a shocked AEW Dynamite announce team narrate while still sounding like they are in complete disbelief.

Winner and NEW TNT Champion: Mr. Brodie Lee

After The Match: The Dark Order Begin Hostile Takeover Of AEW

The Dark Order members all come out and fill up the ring, celebrating as Mr. Brodie Lee poses with the newly designed, final version of the TNT Championship, which is now owned by The Dark Order.

Tony Schiavone enters the ring to interview the new TNT Champion. Mr. Brodie Lee talks about everyone having to deal with the monster they created. He talks about being held down for so long.

Meanwhile, while all of the gloating from Mr. Brodie Lee is going on, several AEW officials fill the ring, as does Arn Anderson, to tend to Cody. J.R. and Taz quickly change focus on commentary from Mr. Brodie Lee’s post-match interview, to Cody, who is now being loaded up on a stretcher and taken out of the ring. The camera pans in on Cody as he is stretchered to the top of the stage, where he struggles to give a thumbs up to the fans.

As they reach the entrance tunnel, Arn Anderson turns around to notice that all of the members of The Dark Order are lined up on the entrance ramp. Anderson tries throwing hands with them, but is quickly out-matched. The Dark Order start a savage attack on the pro wrestling legend before new TNT Champion Mr. Brodie Lee grabs Cody and slams him off the stretcher. Cody, who is wearing a neck brace and has his arm clutched to his body, is beaten down by Mr. Brodie Lee while the announcers talk in their somber serious voices.

Finally, with Anderson and Cody laid out, Mr. Brodie Lee orders his fellow Dark Order members to line-up and pose in front of them. We see Brandi Rhodes run through the wall of Dark Order members to check on Cody and Arn, when all of a sudden Anna Jay emerges through the Dark Order bodies. She grabs Brandi from behind and slaps a choke on her. She then relinquishes the choke and flashes a sadistic smirk to the cameras before posing with all of the Dark Order members.

Mr. Brodie Lee proudly raises his TNT Championship before leading his fellow Dark Order members to the back. The camera shows close-ups of Cody, Arn Anderson and Brandi Rhodes all laid out as the special AEW Saturday Night Dynamite broadcast goes off the air.

Thanks for joining us here this evening for LIVE AEW Saturday Night Dynamite results coverage. Make sure to check back on Thursday for another special time and night coverage, as we once again provide the best AEW Dynamite results on the web! Follow myself, reporter and AEW Dynamite results writer Matt Boone on Twitter @MattBoone1984.

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