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AEW Dynamite sees a drop in attendance

While AEW Dynamite’s ratings bounced back for this week’s episode of the show, it appears that the episode did not garner the expected live audience.

The exact number of the people at the show which also served as the go-home episode for Full Gear is not known, but PWinsider is reporting that the numbers were in the 5000 range.

However, there were a lot of seats that were left empty and below you can see some photos of the empty seats from the hard camera side:

It’s worth mentioning here that the ticket sales for AEW Full Gear seem to be going slower compared to the company’s other PPV events so far and there are still more than 1000 tickets remaining for the event.

Though despite these numbers, the site is reporting that everyone who was backstage at Bojangles Coliseum in Charlotte, NC for the go-home episode was thrilled with the show.

  • John

    Aew seems very interesting. Guys matches OK. Women’s matches suck. Wwe will always be king , I go to wwe ppvs alot , I Been to some that the matches made me scratch my head, however, the environment was on point. Then seeing people with their shirts on at the various airports and even TSA was chanting stuff..amazing. Aew reminds me of wcw.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Every one of those tickets was available on secondary markets. Didn’t sell there either.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I’m just glad to see that you guys are actually reporting on this, ’cause a lot of wrestling sites let this slide, while using WWE’s low attendance to say the company is failing.

  • rob

    Funny how when attendance is low the ratings go up, it’s like the 10 fans that did’nt go to the show watch it on tv, it doesn’t seem like they have enough fans in the real world

  • Steven Davis

    They’re called ticket brokers.

  • Paul Staller

    Those seats were sold when I was trying to buy tickets. So someone bought those tickets and kept it empty there.