AEW Dynamite Star Called ‘Alcoholic’ By Wife

Christine Bui, the wife of AEW Karl Anderson recently shared an incident on Twitter where she shared a suspicious incident.



Kar Anderson missing ahead of AEW Dynamite?

She said that she got a phone call from Karl at 3am in the morning and she could hear a lot of noises in the background with girls laughing as well. AEW Dynamite Star Accused Of Affair?

Christine had further revealed that Karl did not tell the truth of the incident. She then asked if anyone saw him and wanted to know what was he upto in Jacksonville. Anderson was accused by his wife of an affair in the past.

She again sent out a Tweet which she deleted. She addressed Karl’s drinking problem and also revealed that he denies to get help about it. Christine noted how alcoholism can tear apart relationships and families.

Here’s what she wrote:

“Of course I know what he really did! The real matter is that he has a drinking problem that he won’t admit and refuses to get real help. Maybe you all can help! Alcoholism really tears families apart and sometimes you gotta go extreme like this to save someone”

Hopefully the situation will get better and they could mend things between them.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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