AEW Dynamite Star Hospital Photo Leaks

The AEW Dynamite color commentator Taz recently revealed that he is set to undergo surgery and opened up on it in a recent post on his social media account.



Taz is admitted in hospital for a surgery

The AEW commentator recently posted a video of himself as he was just about ready to go in for surgery in order to remove a lump from his face.

He is set to miss tonight’s edition of AEW Dynamite and it could be considered as a major blow for the show as he is a integral part of Dynamite. Brock Lesnar Reaches Out To Fired WWE Star

Taz also address his surgery briefly and apparently the surgery is not bothering him much.

He said:

“I’m just getting a procedure done here, getting this lump taken off my face. I’m good. I’m in the hospital, going in for surgery. I will be out in time to watch Dynamite.”

We hope a speedy recovery for Taz following his surgery. He has immense contribution to AEW and fans will be eager to see him back on screen.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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