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AEW Dynamite suffers huge drop in ratings

  • Keith Learmonth

    You’d think that with most people being shut inside with not much to do, the ratings would stay consistent.

  • Stan

    My first ever comment!

    Big wow that you’ve been coming here for over a decade- no prizes I’m afraid. If this site is so bad then there are plenty of alternatives. It’s a free site.

    If you could do better then step up and create your own content.

  • Raptors Post Game Talk


  • CC
    RAW/SD all the same, and you even replied to me.

  • CC
    You even commented on me saying reporting on SD losing ratings was a bad thing.
    You must have a very short memory.

  • CC

    The biggest problem NXT has on TV is the WWE Network. Why bother watching the show live if you can watch it at your leisure on the Network? My personal preference is NXT over AEW right now, but there is zero incentive for me to watch them live.
    Both of those shows are better than RAW and SD, but they get the bigger viewing figures due to their history. Factor in the length of RAW and SD and people are just burnt out on wrestling as there is just way too much of it all of a sudden.
    Plus in this modern age TV just is not consumed in the same way it was 20 years ago. With streaming services, illegal sites and everything else, the incentive to watch live TV just is not there.

  • CC

    Exactly. I have no hatred for any brand, and have even tried explaining to people that NXT viewing figures and AEW viewing figures mean nothing about the popularity of one over the other. Both AEW and WWE have their positives and negatives. My point with these viewing figures is we are in a time when they mean nothing.
    The shows are not what either company are truly capable of, and the lack of audience plus all the stuff happening in the world are not going to bring in big ratings.

  • CC

    Maybe because I have been coming to this site for over a decade and in recent years they have take on idiots like Harrison and it has gone down hill. But then we have guys like you whose only comments are on my opinions. Why do you come to this site and then spend all your time commenting on me?

  • CC

    I have mentioned this on the RAW and SD ratings as well.
    I do not see the point of reporting ratings on any show right now.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    It could be the Ex WWE guys crying about what happened in WWE are turning people off from AEW.

  • Alex

    Indeed. Real sad. The fact that the numbers for both shows never make over 1.0 shows that this style of wrestling doesn’t sell to the masses.

  • Alex

    Again, I don’t see him the other posts when Raw ratings makes an “article”

  • Johnny wrestling

    I know what you’re trying to imply, but CC is just speaking in general. He’s defended both the WWE and AEW in the past. So there’s no bias going on.

  • jedi

    AEW had a very entertaining show.

  • F. Loyd B. Pippin

    Their drop was still bringing in more viewers than what NXT did last week. How NXT got in a position where they can’t come out on top of AEW is shocking.

  • Michael Cole

    Vintage Harrison!

  • Alex

    What? Of course he is! The internet fans said this would be the biggest AEW signing in the history of ALL wrestling. So you are clearly wrong, these numbers must be fake! They must altered by Vince!

  • Alex

    I don’t see you upset when they post about Raw’s number’s dropping?


    Luke harper is not a draw

  • CC

    So if all wrestling shows stop airring during this time, will you post that they have had even bigger drops in ratings?
    Why are you even bothering with this? Do you get paid by the article?