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AEW Fight For The Fallen Results & Live Coverage (7/13)

  • Keith Learmonth

    I agree entirely. Any time you give any talents too much control, it can backfire spectacularly. These guys have basically booked themselves to win 4 out of 5 matches, every show, which looks pretty bad on paper.

    On the other side, though, these guys also aren’t over the hill, past their primes like Hogan was, and don’t seem to be deliberately burying anyone they see as a threat to their popularity, so they’re still a step ahead of WCW there. And if they can keep the matches mostly clean and competitive, they’ll stay ahead of Jarrett, too.

  • Keith Learmonth

    You know, you’re probably not wrong. It just rubs me the wrong way that they made a big deal about the proceeds of this event going to charity, when in reality, it was only a small, small portion of the proceeds. Especially after Kenny Omega’s little rant at WWE for counterprogramming it, the charity donation should’ve turned out more significant.

  • CC

    I would guess that the talent on the roster got paid. I know that is quite normal with a lot of these charity events in the UK. I know some people who worked on one of the Comic Relief charity single, and they said that every “celebrity” who does Comic relief or Children in need etc, get paid to appear and that comes out of the donations.

    Considering the risks in wrestling, I would be very surprised if talent took part in a show like that for free. Hell, I would not be surprised if Kahn took a cut for using his venue as well.

  • CC

    I really enjoy their shows, and really really want this promotion to suceed, but right from the off I said there is always a difficulty with active wrestlers running promotions. Last thing we need to see is Jeff Jarrett 2.0 like we saw in the early days of TNA. Hell, that was the main reason that nobody cared about the world championship picture at that time, and all focus was on the X Division title. Even AJ Styles who fought in both divisions said that the X Division held more prestige, and you cannot help but wonder if that was him taking a pot shot at Jarrett.

    And while not owners, having the guys like Hogan, Nash and Hall as bookers in WCW hurt that promotion immensely due to them using that to hog the limelight.

    Right now considering his position in the world title scene I would not expect Page to lose (at least cleanly), but with all the tag teams they currently have, do the Bucks need to win everytime?

    They just need to dial it back.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I only have three complaints about this show:
    1: 5000 seat arena, $110,000 donation, it comes to like, $22 per seat. Given that even the cheapest seats cost more than that, they definitely didn’t even come close to donating the gate for the event, (unless they were giving tickets away for free or something), and definitely didn’t donate any of the money they made from streams outside north america, where the event wasn’t free.

    2: Jericho having “blood” on his hand which was… decidedly not the colour of blood, and was suspiciously the same colour as Dustin’s face paint came across as corny. Blood isn’t pinkish red, guys, especially when it’s been on skin for an hour. People call out WWE for using blood capsules occasionally, but at least those are the right colour.

    3: The Elite continue to book themselves to go over. in -almost- every match.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I’d say it was a great show, but you do raise a very good point there.

    All In: Scurll lost, Cody, Bucks, Omega, Hangman all won.
    Double or Nothing: Omega lost, Cody, Bucks, Hangman all won.
    Fyter Fest: Kenny, Bucks, Page all won, Cody went to a draw.
    Fight for the fallen, as you already pointed out, Cody lost, everyone else won.

    So far, they’ve stuck to a strict pattern of all but one member of The Elite winning at every event. That’s not ideal. Even worse when you see that they’re starting to use the time limit draw to avoid taking a loss, too.

  • CC

    The only reason the Elite did not win all their matches is because Cody was in a match opposite the Bucks, otherwise look at this. Brandi Rhodes, Young Bucks, Kenny Omega & Hangman Page all get wins.
    Please do not let this be a sign of things to come.