AEW In Major Trouble With TNT After Fight?

Sean Ross Sapp reported that TNT/TBS are rumored to not be happy with CM Punk’s fight with The Elite. TheRedWoman recapped Sapp’s stream about Punk’s backstage fight:



He received a text at 05:00, followed up by a phone call at 05:30, that suggested that Discovery wasn’t happy about the situation. He originally wasn’t going to talk about it, but since people keep shit-talking his journalistic skills (my words, not his), he decided to. He prefaced it as “incredibly, remarkably unconfirmed”, but Punk may have received an email saying that he was expected to be fired or that led him to expect to be fired, with a meeting scheduled for 13:00. He emphasised that this was not confirmed.

SRS wasn’t sure if Jericho saw the fight himself, but “several people” “put over” his professionalism in the aftermath.

SRS doesn’t know in what manner the EVPs approached Punk and doesn’t think it’s responsible to wholly blame one party or the other.

SRS also doesn’t think one of his sources was being dramatic when they said that “lives were on the line” during that situation (especially since a chair was thrown). He also “feels a little dirty” speaking about rumours in a situation where someone got a chair to the eye.

Talent like MJF might allude to the situation.

He said that the “locker room is way more anti-CM Punk than I’ve ever seen it”. Explained by saying that some people believed the locker room changed when Punk arrived, while others said he supports younger talent.

Dustin Schumacher
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