AEW Main Eventer Buries Big Show Signing

The professional wrestling landscape has been changed with All Elite Wrestling’s recent acquisition of Paul Wight, formerly known as ‘The Big Show’ in WWE to a multi-year contract. However, not everyone is thrilled with AEW’s latest signing. Taking to social media via Twitter Brian Myers, the former Curt Hawkins in WWE stated how he already has a AEW dream match involving Wight – that being Paul Wight vs Inner Circle member Maxwell Jacob Friedman, otherwise known as MJF. MJF recently turned down this offer from a WWE Executive.



The tweet stated: “My new personal dream match: @The_MJF vs @PaulWight”. This instantly gathered the attention of the top star for All Elite Wrestling as MJF responded back not with words but rather with a humorous gif of The Simpsons character Homer Simpson backing away into the bushes. You can view the exchange below.

In other news regarding MJF, ‘The Salt of the Earth’ recently lavished praise for legendary wrestling manager Jim Cornette, discussing how he has worked with him in the past and how he nothing but respect for Cornette and other legendary managers that have been apart of the wrestling industry. Friedman made the comments on the Wrestling Perspective podcast.

“I worked with Jim Cornette more than people realize when I was in Major League Wrestling, and getting to go back and forth with him—look, is he a fan of guys on my roster? Absolutely not. But if I’m being honest, neither am I. But he’s a very smart guy, understands how to manipulate an audience, I loved his work. I loved Bobby ‘the Brain’ Heenan’s work. Even Grand Wizard, he might not have necessarily been the greatest promo of all time, but the guy understood how to manipulate a crowd without speaking,” MJF explained, “There’s been so many great managers of the past—Paul Heyman obviously—we’re both Jews, we’re both very affluent and we’re both very good at speaking and we’re both from New York, so Paul Heyman also another guy who is most certainly a big influence on me. This major Big Show AEW match rumor was recently revealed.

Credit to WrestleZone for the quote.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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