AEW Rejected Signing WCW World Champion

Actor David Arquette has an infamous relationship with pro-wrestling. He is a former WCW Champion, winning the title in 2000. He recently made an appearance on this week’s Insight with Chris Van Vliet as he spoke about AEW. He went on to discuss if he approached AEW for his 2020 documentary You Cannot Kill David Arquette.



David Arquette talks about AEW

The actor said that he was interested in having a match in AEW while he was working on the aforementioned documentary but despite Arquette’s interest, a match in AEW never happened. He recalled the situation during the interview and according to him,the management of the TNT network prevented it from happening.

“That was the upsetting thing with AEW because a lot of the guys in AEW were in the movie. I wanted to do a match or something to promote the movie. They were like no, but I think it was TNT.”

“It went through to the publicity department and it was like it costs this much to promote. We were looking to advertise on the shows or something within AEW, but they looked at it as ‘We charge this much to promote something in the ring.’ That was depressing because I knew how much it meant to the guys.”

WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes had a long history with WCW and having that in mind, Arquette had expressed his desire to have a battle with former AEW EVP Cody Rhodes. ‘The American Nightmare’ recently parted ways with AEW after his contract expired and it is slated that he might be headed to WWE for a highly-anticipated comeback to Vince McMahon’s company.

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