AEW Respond To First Rumored 2021 Firing

It has already been quite the interesting 2021 for AEW wrestler Shawn Spears, and the new year isn’t even one week old yet. It was earlier reported that Spears had been mysteriously removed from the AEW roster. The wrestler had been removed from roster page after cutting a controversial promo to Tony Schiavone during their ‘Holiday Bash’ event, in which Spears proclaimed mismanagement from the company. In conjunction with this, Spears also deactivated his Twitter and made his Instagram no longer public.



It was now revealed, as discovered on Reddit’s ‘Squared Circle’ subforum, that Spears’ fans no longer need to worry if they will be seeing their favorite competitor on Wednesday nights. Reddit user MHodge97 posted an update to AEW’s roster on their website, one that includes Spears himself reappearing on the page, so it appears that this may have been a worked shoot angle.

Fellow Reddit users reacted to the news of Spears’ re-inclusion as a member of the AEW roster. One user by the name of Oriandu stated: “Spears is someone you have to book very, very carefully because he is a charisma vacuum. He’s exceptional in the ring but is lacking in all aspects of the presentation side of wrestling. Spears is the kind of guy you book against up and comers just joining the show, he’s a main roster guardian type of wrestler, the guy who can work with the top guys when they need to look good but should spend most of his time working with the new guys who have to get used to wrestling on a televised program.”

The user continued, “Spears should either be the first feud new guys get or be partnered with new performers because he’s never going to outshine them in terms of their personality, promos, and presentation, but he’s got a lot of experience and knowledge that they will benefit from. Give him the occasional TNT title run and tag title runs for credibility and he’d bring a lot to the show.” Does Spears deserve more respect due to his great character and in ring prowess? Let us know!

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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