AEW Sign Big Name Former World Champion?

AEW are rumored to sign a former world champion, but it isn’t Alberto Del Rio.



Former Impact Wrestling Champion Tessa Blanchard is rumored to be signing with AEW, SEScoops reports.

The former WWE star Alberto Del Rio has been away from wrestling scene since he was accused and had charges of sexual assault and kidnapping back in 2020.

The charges have since been dropped, and Alberto Del Rio recently sat down for an interview with Lucha Libre Online’s Hugo Savinovich as he went to thank his ‘old boss’. Vince McMahon ‘Changes Mind’ After WWE Firing

Alberto Del Rio thanks his father, Dos Caras

Del Rio has been dealing with the problems since a long time and his life was in turmoil. During the interview he revealed that he weighed seventy pounds overweight and had to deal with severe depression.

It was his father, the legendary Dos Caras who stood by him and motivated him to get back in shape and return to the wrestling scene.

Alberto Del Rio referred Dos Caras as ‘his boss,’ and said that he had played a significant role in Del Rio’s recovery from all the problems.

He then paid a heartfelt tribute to his father, who is considered one of the greatest heavyweight talents in Mexican wrestling history.

He said:

“Thank you for so many years of affection and love. To my boss (father), Dos Caras, to my daddy, my old man who is watching this interview and who told me when I was with two hundred and seventy-something pounds (overweight) with depression and told me: ‘Get up, you bastard. You are my son, and I raised you to be the greatest. Get up because you are not finished, and they are waiting for you out there’. My dear old man (father), I love you with all my heart.”

Alberto Del Rio is all set to return to the squared circle as he is scheduled to square off against Andrade near the end of July.

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