AEW Signing Ex-World Champion Leaks In Photo?

UFC star Junior Dos Santos is seemingly headed to Chicago where All Out is set to take place. He might end up making an appearance at the show. He took to his Twitter account and posted a picture to let his fans know that he is flying to Chicago.



Tony Khan opens up on Wednesday Night War

WWE and AEW’s Wednesday Night War had started back in October 2019 as AEW Dynamite and NXT went head-to-head every week in order to see who would come out the better show. AEW Dynamite would win in the ratings war for the majority of the time. The Wars finally came to an end in April as NXT moved to Tuesday nights.  For 76 weeks, the war between the two brands went  and only once AEW lost in the key 18-49 demographic rating against NXT. This was seen as a shock to many but AEW bounced back. UFC Fighter Bold Nazi Remark Leaks

It is now a known fact that NXT stars and producers would watch AEW Dynamite backstage during the Wednesday Night Wars.

While speaking to David Penzer on Sitting Ringside, AEW President Tony Khan talked about how AEW focused on itself and didn’t pay attention to NXT during the Wednesday Night Wars. He added that it blows his mind NXT stars used to watch AEW Dynamite backstage.

We just do our shows and keep AEW as strong as possible. The competition is going to change and there will be different competition on different nights and it will always be a battle as long as we’re healthy because they are going to be around for a long time. Whether it was the launch of Dynamite or Rampage, we have to focus on ourselves and put our best foot forward for fans rather than think about what other people are doing.

I’ve heard that when we were on head-to-head on Wednesday nights, our competition was watching our show in Gorilla. They had a monitor with it on. That blows my mind. I have never once, this is the 100th episode of Dynamite this week, in 99 episodes, I have never once had another wrestling show on in Gorilla or thought about what anyone else is doing. We have so much going on with our own show, I can’t be thinking about counterprogramming. We have to put on our best program.”

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