AEW Star Brutally Goes After Lacey Evans

Lacey Evans, known as the “Lady of WWE,” has a history of speaking her mind on social media, even if it draws criticism from fans. In the past, she has faced backlash for making controversial comments about autism. Recently, she has shared her thoughts on maintaining good mental health.



On her Instagram story, Lacey reposted a message from Bedros Keuilian, in which he discussed the challenges of anxiety and depression. According to Bedros, the key to managing these conditions is to exercise vigorously every day, eat a healthy diet, and earn a lot of money.

While Lacey’s post may have been well-intentioned, some fans may take issue with the suggestion that earning money is a solution to mental health struggles. It’s important to remember that mental health is a complex issue that can’t be solved by a simple formula, and individuals may require a range of resources and support to manage their mental health effectively.

How to fix 99% of anxiety & depression

1) Excercise hard daily
2) Eat clean
3) Put purpose over pleasure
4) Make a lot more money
5) Stop overthinking
6) Help others and be kind
7) Mind your own f*cking business

Your problems are much easier to solve than you think…

The Bunny logged into Instagram, and it seems that she saw this post from Lacey Evans. The AEW star then proceeded to drop a video message that seemed to take a somewhat aggressive stance against the message that Lacey Evans sent out.

Some of us manage our mental health issues with medication. To suggest that simply exercising, eating a certain way, working more; etc etc etc will cure your mental illness is harmful and perpetuates the notion that mental health issues aren’t actual ILLNESSES. If anyone out there is struggling to do basic human activities due to their anxiety, depression, etc, you aren’t alone. Please take care of yourselves and don’t listen to the narrative that you are choosing to suffer. I know from experience that you are doing the best you can. Sending love to all of you

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