AEW Star Calls WWE Legend ‘Racist Drug Addict’

Alberto Del Rio faced charges of second-degree sexual assault and aggravated kidnapping. However, it seems those charges are no longer on record. Del Rio’s accuser, who is his ex-girlfriend, recently made an apology post for her ”mistakes” on Instagram. Del Rio’s brother responded to this by calling her a garbage person and a liar.



AEW World Champion MJF strongly rebuked a fan who compared him to former WWE wrestler Alberto Del Rio. After a fan commented that MJF was not a racist, MJF replied, refuting several negative allegations leveled against Del Rio, including being a drug addict, abuser, and a bad promo, among others. The source of the racist remark is unclear, but Del Rio has been accused of aggravated kidnapping/sexual assault by one woman, and his relationship issues with former girlfriend Saraya have also been documented. In May 2020, Del Rio was alleged to have tied a woman’s hands with boxing straps, sexually assaulted her with various objects, and punched her in the back. The charges were dropped due to a missing witness. According to PWInsider, the case was officially closed in December 2021, and Del Rio is free from all criminal liabilities.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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