AEW Star Claims Big WWE Name Is ‘Racist’

It has been recently reported that WWE NXT Drake Wuertz, known to WWE NXT fans as referee Drake Younger was indefinitely suspended from the WWE Performance Center for a period of time due to controversial views regarding the COVID-19 epidemic. Younger and friends interrupted a County Commissioner’s meeting in which they stated that the county was more concerned about protecting adults from the Coronavirus in comparison to helping children from violence and sex trafficking in a bizarre comparison. Did this top AEW star ‘reject’ Chelsea Green?



In a follow-up to that story, it seems the controversy surrounding Wuertz is now inter-promotional as top All Elite Wrestling star Joey Janella took to social media via Twitter to respond to Maffew of Botchamania fame. Janella who document a phone call that he had with the maligned referee as Maffew first stated: “As someone who followed him since CZW, it’s sad seeing Drake’s story go from “uplifting tale about a hardcore dude who cleaned his life up, got booked in PWG and settled down as a WWE referee” to “fuck me, what have you been reading?”

To which Janella responded: “When I talked to him on the phone and he tried to tell me the proud boys weren’t racist they were proud patriots & I had my information manipulated by the left media I was completely done with him lol”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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