AEW Star Leaks The Rock Bank Payment

Brock Lesnar had received a massive deal from WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross back in the day. That had angered Vince McMahon, who was not pleased with Brock Lesnar to a $250,000 deal.



Jim Ross reveals Vince McMahon was furious

Lesnar had signed with WWE in 2000 as he joined the company on a developmental deal. He made his debut in OVW before being called up to the main roster. Lesnar had spent a couple of years in OVW before debuting on RAW in 2002. A former WWE star also recently recalled Lesnar was afraid of getting fired.

It was noted that Jim Ross was in charge of talent relations at the time. In a recent episode of Grilling JR, Ross said that McMahon was not in favor of paying $250,000 to sign Brock Lesnar 22 years ago.

“When I told him what I was going to pay Brock Lesnar, he looked at me like I was insane, and he was pissed because I think my first offer to Lesnar that I was going to sign him for was [$250,000]. I think The Rock got a million. But they’re on this deal where you get paid by your performance, or on your performance, and much sooner than later, those guys are blowing those numbers away,” said the legendary commentator.

Ross revealed in an earlier episode of his podcast that Lesnar didn’t watch any pro wrestling before joining WWE.

“Lesnar had no background in pro wrestling. He wasn’t a fan, he didn’t watch it on TV. He didn’t know how cyclical it can be and how that manifests itself,” said Ross.

Brock Lesnar is currently one of the biggest stars of WWE. Lesnar and Roman Reigns are once again set to collide inside the squared circle as fans are thrilled about it. ‘The Beast Incarnate’ made a shocking return on last week’s edition of Friday Night SmackDown and sent a statement to ‘The Tribal Chief’ after hitting an ‘F-5.’ It transpired after Reigns successfully defended his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Riddle. A WWE Hall of Fame recently pitched an idea that would help Lesnar. The multi-time World Champion Randy Orton is out of action with a back injury and it caused WWE to change their plans for the Trible Chief at SummerSlam.

Reigns and Lesnar are set to go head to head at WWE SummerSlam Premium Live Event on Saturday, July 30.  WWE also revealed a poster featuring Lesnar. It seems WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle is not a fan of the match taking place several times.

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