AEW Star Rejected WWE Raw Premiere Return

WWE RAW commentator Corey Graves recently took some shots at AEW star Billy Gunn that has not sat well the fans. Last night’s edition of Monday Night RAW was the season premiere of the show. It saw the reunion of DX for their 25th-anniversary celebration. However, the former New Age Outlaws member and current AEW star Billy Gunn was absent due to contract obligations to AEW. Corey Graves took some shots at the star during the reunion.



Corey Graves takes a dig at Billy Gunn

Gunn was one of the most important members of DX back in the day. The segments with him and Road Dogg Jessie James were iconic. The star had hardly missed a DX reunion before this. Unfortunately, since he has become more active on AEW television, he could not make it to the red brand and had to reject.

During the segment, Corey Graves took a shot at Billy Gunn, seemingly referring to his and The Acclaimed’s ‘scissoring’ catchphrase in AEW:

“The other guy is doing something with office equipment,” Corey Graves said.

One fan said, “Billy Gunn is so happy he doesn’t have to be a part of this”

Another said: “Yo Corey Graves is petty! That was a shot at Billy Gunn”

Third fan said: “I’ll give Corey Graves credit for the Billy Gunn reference with office equipment”

Some members of the wrestling world were a bit confused as to why there was so much hate for Graves and supported the RAW commentator.

A fan said: “Why the hate on Corey Graves? I thought it was the perfect shoutout and acknowledgment of where Billy Gunn was at, without specifically saying “AEW.”

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