AEW Star Spoils Daniel Bryan & CM Punk Debut?

The AEW World Champion Kenny Omega recently joined Wrestling Observer Radio and talked about variety of topics. There have been speculations regarding the signings of former WWE stars, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk recently. Omega went on to discuss the potential signings, seemingly letting slip that they’ll be debuting when he said he will wrestle them.



Kenny Omega teases the signings

While speaking, Omega talked both about Bryan and Punk. He heaped praises for them. He never addressed whether he was expected them to join AEW but teased the fans. Vince McMahon Fires Big Name Before Smackdown

Here is what he said:

“(These were) Two extremely intelligent people who found a way to sort, I don’t want to say cheat the system, but it was a system that was not created for them there,” Omega said. “And they were able to break every ceiling that was placed in front of them and emerge as an actual legend that will never be forgotten. So it’s cool for me to think that I’ll be able to get in the ring with these two. Possibly. But I think because they were so prominent in the WWE, and a lot of that is featured with segments, angles, character work. For me, as exciting as the wrestling part is, the ability to tell a story is more exciting for me.”

Kenny Omega on Bryan:

“He was able to kind of turn everything around and emerge as a mega star, because he’s smart enough in a wrestling sense and a business sense. Just like in ROH, how he was able to have those fans in the palm of his hands, he’s able to have the entire WWE Universe in the palm of his hands with one word. Really the only other person I can think of that did that was Austin with the ‘What?’. There’s really nobody else I can think of who had that much power with one word. And wrestling ability? Of course, second to none. One of the most crisp, one of the most technically sound athletes to ever step foot in the ring, especially in the current age.”

Kenny Omega sheds praise on CM Punk

He further lauded CM Punk and stated rhat he had a different way of thinking from the modern day performers. He also heaped praise on Punk as someone who was able to cultivate a fanbase of such proportions that it’s still going strong today.

He said:

“CM Punk, a guy who probably has a different line of thinking then your current day performer, your average performer,” Omega said. “And he has this incredible reputation, and he has fans to this day who would follow him to the ends of the earth. A very dedicated fanbase. And that fanbase believes he’s the best in the world and will be the best until the end of time. If you’re able to have people like that who follow your career so passionately, you probably have something very special about you. It just goes to show you that the way he presented himself, the way he spoke about himself, the way he spoke to his opponents, how he performed in the ring, entrance music, his image. He was always very meticulous and he was very intelligent about how he went about it.”

We will have to see if AEW is able to bag the massive signings of Daniel Bryan and CM Punk.

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