AEW Star Suddenly Quits Before WWE Raw

AEW has a plethora of ex-WWE talents who don’t see the value that they currently get versus what was offered to them when they first joined the company. Another name joining the list of people who are taking time off from AEW is Buddy Matthews.



Buddy debuted in AEW in February and immediately joined The House of Black. The talented superstar last wrestled at AEW Rampage Grand Slam where he teamed with his House of Black partner Brody King and Julia Hart to take on Darby Allin and Sting. While he lost due to a surprise return from The Great Muta and his mystical mist, the fact remains that he is taking time off of AEW.

He didn’t disclose much information behind taking such a step. Aleister Black left AEW days ago, and now people are speculating that it may be the case with Buddy Matthews. Buddy was in the WWE and ever since the new regime took charge people want to go back to the WWE. Speaking about his future on Fight Life Pro Wrestling during the weekend, Buddy said:

Unfortunately, tonight, I’m going to be the bearer of some unfortunate news. As everyone knows, the House of Black has had some issues lately. As all the members of the house, I speak beyond the wall, we want to thank you all for being members of the house. Unfortunately, I, like some of the other members, need to go away for a while. I need to recalibrate. I need to figure out some things. As my brother Malakai once said, this isn’t goodbye, this is see you later.

Whether he is taking time off to rekindle his passion for wrestling or this is the escape route en route to WWE, we would have to see it in quick time. WWE knows that Buddy’s real-life partner is in The Judgement Day, so him joining the faction would be a Best For Business Idea.

What do you think of this decision? Sound off in the comments.

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