AEW Stars Tried Going To WWE Before SmackDown

The Young Bucks have had a busy week since last Sunday. AEW All Out, followed by the media scrum, the aftermath backstage and the loss of the titles, have all happened in a week for the talented tag team. The tag team has sent feelers that they may join WWE if the deal is right after their contracts expire in 2024.



The Wrestling Observer‘s Ryan Frederick stated on the F4W Board that The Young Bucks sent feelers out through a WWE talent. Feelers are more like signals or indications that one may be interested in moving on the flip side if everything seems legit and ok. This has happened in the past too, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The Young Bucks are an excellent tag team, and there can be a bidding war between the two companies to get them on their brand. WWE talents have sent feelers in the past, as have AEW talent. Ryan had to post this information after someone on the board falsely claimed that The Young Bucks have signed new AEW deals. The professional wrestler contracts are not NASCAR contracts, where one can pick another team or work before his current deal expires.

AEW has seen great days, and The Young Bucks indeed spoke with WWE management before AEW came into being. The Young Bucks are the EVPs of the company, and with great power comes great responsibility. Nick and Matt Jackson wouldn’t be able to bid goodbye to their roles and work just as a superstar in WWE after all they have accomplished here.

What do you think can be the reason behind this rumour? Chime in.

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