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AEW talent says they have blood poisoning


All Elite Wrestling signed a lot of great talent during their Double or Nothing party in Las Vegas, with the highlight being Kenny Omega. Last night, even Fenix was injured and now, one of the latest signees, Jimmy Havoc, missed the event as he had blood poisoning.

Havoc is known for his hardcore antics and getting himself bloody. He provided an update on why he missed the event.

“I’ve been laid up with blood poisoning for the last few days, and have a feeling I’m not gonna be feeling good for quite a while yet.

If I had to guess why, let me give you exhibit A.”

These light tubes have a low-level mercury vapor in them, so of course, they could mess you up. Hardcore wrestling is hardly a sterile clean room after all. Hopefully, he will be better before AEW’s Double or Nothing event on May 25th.

  • Keith Learmonth

    It -can- be wrestling, but if it’s just hardcore for the sake of hardcore, I agree.
    If it’s hardcore because it’s part of a long running feud, and the two guys, storyline wise, want to tear each other apart, it makes sense.

  • Rinn13

    Simple answer: stop being a “Hardcore Wrestling” feeb. That garbage was never entertaining when it began in the 90s, still isn’t today. Anyone who gets their kicks off of watching people mutilate each other for real, doesn’t deserve to be watching anything at all. And people hitting each other with things, isn’t wrestling.

  • Killswitch


  • Herpes?

  • Will Henderson

    it’s either Mercury poising or the start of a certain blood-borne illness that starts with a letter H and and ends with either a B or C or sometimes a A,