AEW’s Top Name Attacks John Cena & Undertaker

AEW President Tony Khan mocked John Cena and Undertaker for failing to deliver 1 million viewers for NXT. NXT beat AEW in the ratings Tuesday.



It has been noted that the current WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley recently reacted to a video of a female WWE personality, who happens to be her ‘ex’ and it is none other than WWE backstage interviewer Cathy Kelley, who serves as a backstage interviewer on Friday Night SmackDown. In the last few months, the eagle-eyed fans have been hooked with back-and-forth tweets and exchanges between Ripley and Kelley.

Earlier this year, during a WWE live event in Liverpool, The Nightmare playfully ditched Cathy Kelley and approached Samantha Irvin. It has been noted that Ripley declared that her new girlfriend is the Raw ring announcer.

This shook the backstage interviewer, and ever since then, she has been trying to get The Judgment Day member’s attention on social media.

The 35-year-old WWE personality took to Instagram to share a stunning video with SmackDown’s theme song in the background. Rhea Ripley commented on her ex’s video with a fire and drooling face emoji.

Meanwhile, on this week’s episode of Raw, The Eradicator returned and called out her fellow Judgment Day members. She was upset with Dom Dom losing the NXT North American Championship to Trick Williams at No Mercy.

The Women’s World Champion then asserted that if Dominik did not win back the title on this week’s NXT episode, he should not come back. Well, Dirty Dom was successful in reclaiming the NXT North American Championship against Williams, and the Latino Heat also received a kiss on his cheeks from Mami.

The on-screen chemistry between the two stars is impeccable, and a WWE fan drew a picture of Ripley and Dominik and stated that young Mysterio deserves cuddles and chicken tender after his title win. The Nightmare quickly responded to the tweet and said she found the portrait cute.

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