AEW Top Star Begging For WWE Return?

Miro debuted in AEW a couple of years ago and finally won the TNT Championship last year, after debuting the Redeemer gimmick. However, he would lose it to Sammy Guevara last year and since then, Miro had been directionless. In fact, he has been absent from AEW television for several months.



Dave Meltzer recently stated on Wrestling Observer Radio that Tony Khan had a plan for Miro to do a match at Full Gear, but he declined.

In September, Tony Khan came to Miro, and he had this idea which would build to a match on the November pay-per-view, the November 19th pay-per-view (Full Gear), and he didn’t want to do it. It’s weird, a lot of people coming from WWE are very leery about losing.

But anyway, they went through, and now November’s over, and now we’re in the new cycle, and they were going to bring him back and try to come up with ideas for him.

And they very well may, and then his wife comes in and says, ‘Rusev Day’s gonna come back (to WWE), everybody goes back to WWE.’ It’s like, if I’m Tony Khan at this point, given everything that’s happened, and the wife of one of the wrestlers goes and says, essentially everyone goes back to WWE, it’s kinda like, ‘Why waste my time pushing this guy, I’ve got 100 guys on the roster who want to be here, and now you’ve got these guys who wanna be in WWE. A lot of the guys wanted to leave. It’s like, the guys who sign there, if they’re guys who really want to be there (in WWE), and just got fired and everything but can’t wait to get hired back. I don’t know that those guys have been that beneficial.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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