AEW Top Star ‘Rejects’ Chelsea Green?

AEW’s The Young Bucks are ‘killing the credits’ in addition to allegedly ‘killing the business. Chelsea Green, the former WWE NXT standout was one of several talents to be released from her contract back earlier this month. The former WWE star has been making news however after her post-WWE life. Unfortunately it is truly for an infamous reason. An artist posted a conversation he had with Green on social media via Instagram about how he requested credit for the work that he did for Green. However, Chelsea responded to this very unfavorably and ended up blocking the artist. The artist, named @salsaboiii, posted the exchanged on his Twitter. Details of Vince McMahon’s meeting with Chelsea Green were recently revealed



In addition, another fan and photographer named Harry Aaron, responded to this ordeal by discussing a similar incident that he had with AEW Executive Vice President Matt Jackson in where he asked the Young Bucks to credit him for his photography work which lead Matt Jackson to respond with the following:

” Hey Harry The Third,

You’re welcome. You’re welcome for being given permission to take photos of us while we risk our lives in the ring. No I will not credit you for a photo that you put online for everyone to see for FREE. When I’m trying to make a profit off of your photo, come talk to me. Actually, I’ll just delete it and never use it again. See ya. – Matt”

Furthermore, The Young Bucks changed their Twitter bio to reference the scandal. Their bio now says: “Spammer of Superkicks. Killers of business. Backstage politicians. Refuse to look weak. Don’t give credit for photos.”

The Young Bucks claimed they saw Vince Russo naked not too long ago. In the case of Green, she responded by issuing the following statement regarding the incident on Twitter the proclaimed: “It’s super unfortunate how this has been handled. I think artists deserve credit. Period. After reading some of the nasty tweets, I didn’t feel reposting the art was something that I should do as clearly the artists view of me had soured. I support my artists. I pay my artists. I have been doing that since I started on the independent scene because I myself was a starving artist & I know the struggle. It’s really sad that an oversight on my part has lead to this, but I wish the artist luck and I think it’s best that I stick to the artists who I have used in the past and who know the person I am.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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