AEW Top Stars Imminently Quitting For WWE?

Cody Rhodes parting ways with AEW and switching to WWE was a huge event in the pro-wrestling world. It was quite a shocking move. Now, AEW commentator Jim Ross believes that there might be more stars who would choose a similar path like ‘The American Nightmare.’



The former AEW star Cody Rhodes finally made his return to WWE following numerous rumors and speculations. He was revealed as the mystery opponent of Seth Rollins on WrestleMania Saturday.  Following a hard-fought back & forth battle, Rhodes got the win clean.

Jim Ross says more stars will move to WWE from AEW

Jim Ross spoke about the matter on the latest episode of Grilling JR. He talked about the impact of Rhodes’ departure on AEW. Ross stated that he believes more AEW stars will jump ship to WWE in the future. He went on to further explain why he believes that might be a possibility moving forward.

“You never know, I’m not going to name any names because how would I know? And if I did know names, why would I tell you for that matter? I just wouldn’t do it, it’s breaching trust. I have had no conversations, but let’s be honest about it: if cash and creativity are in place better in one company than they are in the other, then you’ve got people traveling.

I can’t imagine that somewhere down the road, others won’t follow the same trail. Most of them, the younger guys especially, grew up with WWE products on their televisions. That’s just the nature of the business. I don’t know about leaving, I know the guys that we have are making a good living or they wouldn’t still be doing it.

They’ve got a very meet-able schedule, they work one day a week and their travel is monitored and managed very well. I leave my house on Tuesdays and I’m back at my house on Thursday. I suggest most of the guys on our roster have the same gig. The ones that want to make extra money can work indies, which I encourage them to do.

I don’t know who’s next and I don’t give a sh** who’s next. What difference does it make? The show will go on, the games will be played, and you’ll just have people playing with different jerseys. I don’t know, I don’t have any idea. I’m sure at some point in time, there will be others. At some point in time, you run your course.”

We will have to see if more stars join WWE after leaving AEW.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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