AEW Top Stars Return To WWE For Major Show

AEW had made some shocking signings over the past few months which included former WWE veteran stars like the Big Show and Mark Henry.



Recently, they made a surprising WWE appearance as they were featured on WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures, where stars explore the memorabilia of legends.

This time around The Giant and World’s Strongest Man looked for the memorabilia of WWE legend, Andre The Giant. They further discussed about him. WWE ‘Bring Back’ Fired Star As General Manager

Big Show and Mark Henry opens up on Andre The Giant

Big Show talked about how Andre was bigger in size and how he never stopped growing which is not a bad thing. But he also addressed the health issues hat come with the size.

Big Show said:

“He never stopped growing. You think that’s not a bad things, you grow taller. But eventually the health concerns add up, and You’re not destined for a long life.”

Mark Henry also chimed in and said Andre had a ‘mystique’ to him. He said:

“How could you not love something like that?”

Henry and Show will serve as the veteran stars in AEW with the former set to be the color commentator for AEW’s new show, Rampage premiering in August, while Big Show is the commentator on AEW Dark Elevation.

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