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AEW tried to partner with NJPW before rejection

Much to the disappointment of fans, Jon Moxley will not be working the NJPW event in Dallas or any New Japan events in the USA. Due to NJPW’s relationship with ROH, a healthy working relationship between NJPW and AEW is not possible.

Todd Martin noted that despite the opportunity to work with AEW, NJPW decided to remain with ROH during an uncertain time in the company right now.

On AEW blocking Mox working NJPW in the US, AEW wanted to partner with New Japan and tried to make that happen. New Japan rejected them to stick with ROH in its wandering aimlessly through the wilderness stage instead. If AEW doesn’t treat NJPW as a partner now, that’s on NJPW.

We hope one day there comes a time when NJPW takes their decision back and will be able to work with AEW. It should be remembered that this decision was entirely NJPW’s.

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    Ok. here is the way to look at it. Right now RoH is the established promotion and NJPW and RoH have had a long standing working relationship (hence the reason the likes of the Bullet Club have worked there). AEW are yet to fully establish themselves and seem to be putting a lot more restrictions on their talent than many believed would happen, so right now NJPW is sticking with the company they know. There may be a degree of loyalty in this decision, but until AEW is fully established they may also see it as a bigger risk.
    For AEW to then turn around and say that talent can work for whoever they want up til the TV deal goes live, but then put restrictions on them not being able to work in the USA comes across as very WWE like, and also even a little bit petty if it is due to NJPW turning them down.

    All that said, I still think a lot of this is made up crap and the reason Moxley is not working those dates is purely down to the bracket he is in and that being the bracket that is not on the US dates.

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    Ring of Honour or AEW????