African American Legend Reveals Truth About Shane McMahon

Reports suggested in the past that Shane McMahon’s disagreements with creative plans backstage. Former WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long has opened up Shane O Mac’s backstage presence.



Last year, Shane McMahon got involved in the production of the Royal Rumble match. He reportedly wanted to come off as a strong competitor. His backstage actions stirred controversy and his father Vince McMahon quietly let him go.

Teddy Long shares his thoughts on Shane McMahon

On the latest episode of The Wrestling Time Machine, he revealed the truth about how most people felt about Shane. Long was asked about what WWE stars back in the day truly thought about Shane McMahon.

Teddy Long spoke to co-host Mac Davis and wrestling legend Bill Apter about Vince McMahon, after which he was asked about his son Shane. The question to him was whether superstars who didn’t get pushed felt resentful of The Prodigal Son.

Teddy Long talked about Shane McMahon’s hard work and that he earned the respect of everyone backstage:

“It was never like that. You got to understand one thing – this is the boss’ son, one. And the other thing is that Shane McMahon worked his butt off, I’m telling you. He got in there, he took bumps, got injuries, and everything. Backstage, he was one of the boys. Great to hang out with, and he just had fun. I don’t think anybody had a problem with Shane. He knew how to present himself to everybody, so they all liked him,” said Long.

Bill Apter added to this by stating that even Stephanie McMahon was considered one of the boys:

“Stephanie [McMahon] was too. She would come up and talk to everyone. Stephanie was always nice to me,” said Apter.

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