After Seth Rollins, Baron Corbin engages in Twitter banter with Will Ospreay

It seems like Will Ospreay has drawn quite a lot of attention towards himself after he proved Seth Rollins’ claims wrong with facts. Picking up from last time, Rollins further responded to Ospreay by suggesting that the two compare “bank accounts too”, but the Aerial Assassin was unfazed by it and accused Rollins of “adding stuff”.

However, after this banter, a new face entered the discussion and wasted no time in going after Ospreay. Baron Corbin claimed that he knows for a fact that he’s had more matches in 2019 than Ospreay.

Ospreay responded to Corbin in an unexpectedly savage fashion. A short response but it spoke volumes in this case:

Ospreay then put up a gif to imply that he’s basically bulletproof:

It’s a war zone out there with these Superstars firing shots left and right. It is a bizarre yet entertaining situation, one we don’t get to witness too often.




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