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AJ Lee Discusses Sexual Chemistry Angle With Paige

Below are highlights from WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee’s recent interview The Turnbuckle Weekly:

On if she knew she would win the Divas title after her hiatus: “I don’t really know. I certainly didn’t know. That was a pleasant surprise. That’s the thing, every time I’ve put the title on the line against Paige she’s won it. So, I’m slightly nervous going into Sunday.”

On Paige winning the title in her first match: “I think at that point in time it was exactly what we needed. Especially coming off of (WrestleMania XXX) where we had every single girl in the match. For a year I was talking crap and then I beat everyone. We needed new blood. We needed something to give the division a kick in the butt and Paige was perfect for that. I don’t think there was any other way it should have gone. I think everyone is kind of smart and they know that. If we have more interest and more of us can do well, then we all do well because of that. I hope everyone gets it. It was a smart move.”

On a same-sex crush between herself and Paige: “Well, we are a PG program. But I think that’s the fun part. The thing is everyone said my character is unpredictable and you didn’t know where it was going. And then to have somebody that does the same thing, that’s also kind of kooky and crazy and you didn’t know what we were going to do for a while.”