AJ Lee Talks About Kissing Kane & Transition to an Authority Figure

AJ Lee was interviewed by interview 106.7 The Fan CBS Radio DC and ChadDukesWrestling.com. Here are some highlights.



Transitioning From A Wrestler To An Authority Figure: “I never thought I would open or close Raw and let alone do it multiple times. So it’s very surreal and I appreciate that spot and if that means not getting in the ring, I have a whole career for that. Hopefully, I won’t have a one year career, you know. So if we can do this now, there’s always time to get back in the ring, there will always be a moment, where the time is right. I can put myself in the ring now. I can give myself a title match if I wanted to. So there’s time for that and I love wrestling, and I love being in the ring. But if it doesn’t work right now it doesn’t work right now. It’s in my dream to do kinda all of it.”

What Kissing Kane Did For Her Character: “That’s kind of like the moment where it all just skyrocketed, ’cause stuff got weird that That’s the stuff like I’m most comfortable with now, I like the weird. I like the moments where, there’s been a lot of moments, there’s actually a poll on dot com, what was my craziest moment. And looking at it you know, I’ve done a lot of out there stuff in the past couple months.”

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