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AJ Lee Talks About Possibly Working With Stephanie McMahon In Future

Here are highlights from another recent interview AJ Lee recently did, this time with IGN, The Divas Champion discussed her current feud with Paige and possibly working with Stephanie McMahon in the future – below are the highlights:

On her feud with Paige: “I think it’s cool. Because with Kaitlyn, it’s like we were friends but then we hated each other. And so then we brought that back up going into the title picture. And what’s interesting with Paige was that it was clear that these girls were not going to be buddies. No matter what. From day one. So there’s been a lot of pretending involved just to see who can get the upper hand. That was fun. Because for three weeks people were like “You know you girls don’t like each other” and they were waiting for her to sort of kick my butt the way she did that one time. I think I flew over the announce table. So people were waiting for that. But now some of them want us to be friends again. And I think that’s the interesting part.”

On working with Stephanie McMahon: “Yeah. I mean, I think there’s no one who could match the promos we could put on together. I think that’s why people might be into it. Because it’d be two alpha females. And we do talk a big game. We’re good at that. As far as a match goes, that’s been done. So I don’t know how much we’d be into re-doing something. It’d have to be very different and very unique. It’d have to make its own mark on our industry and add to the history. But I think the girls [Steph and Brie] did such a good job that I wouldn’t want to mess with that. Because that was their own special moment that they had at SummerSlam. But I also think that getting into a war with her would be amazing. I think people are looking forward to that. And the tiny interactions that we have had, so far, have been some of the most fun I’ve ever had.”

On being a cosplay choice for fans: “I never thought that would happen, no way. But my idea going into it was that I wanted to be something that you could recognize quickly. Like, someone could draw a doodle of me in two seconds. That’s when I knew that I found what I wanted. My character on TV is very definable. Very recognizable. So I guess somewhere along the where it turned out to be an outfit that people dug. Most of it comes from Target so…”