AJ Styles Comments on Working with Flair, Fortune’s Split from Immortal, More

– Alex Marvez of Scripps News recently spoke to TNA’s AJ Styles. Here are some highlights:



Fortune splitting from Immortal:
“I knew we eventually would have to go there anyway. Fans wanted to see Fortune turn on Immortal. They never wanted to see Fortune be a part of Immortal in the first place. When we teased going against them, it created a big rumble. I think it’s a blessing in disguise that those guys took jobs with WWE. We’re moving forward here with something I hoped that would be done.”

Being put with Ric Flair last year:
“It didn’t fit my personality at all. Ric casts a big shadow. I think I’ve learned more about how to get out of that shadow when I was up against him rather than with him. When you’re with Ric, he’s going to get your attention. I definitely learned some stuff like the way to cut an (interview) and stuff like that. I respect him. Even though he’s 62, he’s still one of the most entertaining guys in pro wrestling.”

When asked if “the torch” has been passed with the Fortune push:
“I don’t know. The whole thing with Sting and I, the torch was supposedly passed, but here he is back again (as TNA world champion). I don’t know if there is a torch to be passed anymore because so many people change their mind about whether they’re staying or going or retiring. The biggest thing is, I want to be part of something that everybody knows about whether it’s Fortune or TNA, something that’s as big as WWE. I’m not saying I want to go to WWE or anything like that. I want TNA to explode.”

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