AJ Styles on possibility of a future move to AEW and his next role after retirement

We covered AJ Styles going to town on Paul Heyman during his most recent Twitch stream, but it wasn’t the only thing The Phenomenal One spoke about. He touched on the possibility of a future move to AEW whilst also talking about what he would really like to do in WWE.



“As far as AEW is concerned, never say never, right? But, I think once my career is done, I’m hopefully just going to work for WWE in some capacity. What would I do? I’d like to be a recruiter, go scout some guys, I think that would be fun. I would have no problem going to the Indies.” (H/T Fightful)

Styles also said that even though a lot of his friends work for AEW, the change in this case would not be worthwhile:

“A lot of my friends are there, guys I love, but I know what I’m doing in WWE. I know what’s asked of me and I kind of like that. Change always, some change, sucks. You know how one thing is done and the other is not worth the hassle. I don’t need, at least right now, to go anywhere else, so, why would I? But, again, never say never.”

AJ Styles reportedly signed his ‘last’ contract with WWE in 2019, so it doesn’t look like he will be uprooting anytime soon.

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