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AJ Styles’ next feud revealed

Aj Styles

It appears that Kevin Owens will be moving away from the US title picture soon and WWE has found the next challenger for the coveted belt currently held by AJ Styles.

Per reports from Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE has plans for Baron Corbin to face AJ Styles for the United States Championship in the near future.

This is the possible reason why Corbin was chosen as the guest referee for the Championship match this past Tuesday on SmackDown and the dispute between AJ and Baron during the bout is expected to play as a seed for their feud.

As for Kevin, it’s being said that he’ll be moving towards his speculated feud with Shane McMahon soon and these two could end up leading their teams to a tradition elimination match at the Survivor Series PPV.

Though considering the reports that Baron has backstage heat it doesn’t look likely that he’ll actually win the title from AJ Styles and instead he appears to be a contestant to keep the former WWE Champion busy.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    There is no backstage heat with Corbin he is just not ready to be Heavyweight champion. This feud make sense don’t think he will beat AJ Styles. But this is a title that Corbin should be going after right now.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    This is their way of knocking Corbin down a peg, which is fine with me. He doesn’t belong near the Heavyweight Championship. It’s definitely too soon. What happened to the days where holding a mid-card title was a required stepping stone?

  • CC

    Do we really need the wrestling observer to tell us what we saw with our own eyes?
    I think it is pretty damn obvious that Owens is gonna feud with Shane, and incredibly likely that Corbin will challenge for the US title, because if they do neither of these, then that match on Tuesday served no point.