AJ Styles reacts to stars who have outranked him in WWE 2K19

AJ Styles is the cover star of WWE 2K19, though, despite this and the fact that he has held on to the WWE Championship for more than 300 days, he is still not the top-ranked star in the game.



Styles have been given an overall ranking of 91. Both the Rock and Brock Lesnar outrank him and they have been given the top rating in the game which is 93. Not only this but both Roman Reigns and Stone Cold Steve Austin have been ranked above him at 92 as well.

During a recent interview with GiveMeSport, AJ reacted to these rankings and while talking about the Rock’s rating he said that the Great One tore an ab the last time he wrestled:

“What the freak? He tore an ab the last time he wrestled! Come on man! I’m not saying he’s not jacked, I’m just saying that you’ve gotta be in ring shape! Which Rock are we going with here? Are we going with Hollywood Rock? Some 2K programmer is thinking, ‘maybe the Rock is going to get us in Hollywood, maybe he can get us into a movie’.”

AJ Styles also reacted to the ranking of other stars above him and you can check out his response on Reigns, Austin and Lesnar in the video below:

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