AJ Styles reportedly not expected to leave WWE for AEW

The Phenomenal One AJ Styles has achieved more in the past three years than some take their entire careers to achieve. In just a span of three years, Styles has managed to build a Hall of Fame career for himself in the WWE.



However, the former WWE Champion’s current WWE contract is coming to an end come April. Therefore the question on everyone’s minds is – What will Styles do once his contract is up?

Dave Meltzer noted on the Wrestling Observer Radio that Styles might not be leaving WWE for the newly formed AEW which is run by his friends – The Young Bucks.

Meltzer said that although the Bucks and everyone else at AEW would want Styles to sign with them, the feeling amongst the people working in the WWE is that Styles will be staying with the WWE.

We can’t really say what this means but if speculations were to be made, one would think that the company has offered Styles an irresistible deal. However, we’ll wait for this situation to develop in the coming weeks so stay tuned for updates.


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