AJ Styles reveals Bullet Club member he would team with in WWE

WWE SmackDown Superstar AJ Styles recently discussed a number of topics on his Twitch stream. One of the discussion points brought up was Styles’ potentially going for a run at the WWE Tag Team Championships.



AJ Styles would mention during the stream that the Tag belts are the ‘only’ titles in WWE that he hasn’t won. Interestingly, Styles would also mention a certain former Bullet Club member who he would be looking to team with to get those titles. AJ would even state that he was willing to go down to NXT to make the team happen on WWE television.

“You know, the only championship I haven’t held in WWE is the tag team championships. If I’m able to find a partner at some point, and win those? I will have won all the belts in WWE. [Finn would make a great partner] but he’s in NXT and I’m on SmackDown, so I don’t know how that would ever work. Listen, whether I have to go down to NXT or he has to come to SmackDown, I’m willing to do that. I mean, shoot, it would be fun, and different is good.”

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credit Twitch with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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