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AJ Styles will most likely not be featured in a big role in WWE anymore

AJ Styles’ contract is coming up in April of next year, which means he will at least be working Wrestlemania. Currently, he is negotiating a new contract with WWE but it is unclear whether they’ll come to an agreement yet.

On  PW Insider Elite audio, Mike Johnson discussed WWE’s history with superstars whose contracts were almost coming up and how this is the case for AJ Styles as well.

He would mention how when someone’s deal is coming due, they aren’t featured in a major way in a pay-per-view. But would note that there were exceptions, in this case.

Mike would on to give examples of Jeff Hardy being against CM Punk a few years ago and CM Punk against John Cena. Where Punk could have left. He would end saying WWE would most likely downplay him somewhat if they don’t lock him into a long-term deal.

The most likely case will be AJ Styles signing a new contract since he is clearly one of the best in the company, and he gets so much from them. So until he signs a new contract, we won’t be seeing him in a major role barring his match at TLC.

  • David Klein

    Aj wants time off and a shorter schedule to be with his family so won’t surprise me if they don’t have major stories for him right now

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I don’t see AJ Styles going anywhere. Oh you know the dirt sheet will have many stories when it comes to AJ Styles an his contract. But make no mistake he not going anywhere and I do think WWE got big plans for him in 2019.

  • CC

    Well unless he wins at TLC or they do a screwy finish to further the feud, he would probably not be in the title picture for a while anyway. I certainly do not see them cutting him out entirely seeing as they had invested so much in him the last year.