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Alberto Del Rio Makes Surprise Appearance At House Of Hardcore 7 (Videos)

During last night’s House of Hardcore 7 iPPV in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez made a surprise appearance. As in their WWE days, Rodriguez introduced Del Rio to the audience and the former WWE Champion intimated that he was happy to appear as he thought last week he would be unable to wrestle in the US for a year. He also said that in the House of Hardcore, there are wrestlers, not Sports Entertainers.

Del Rio’s comment prompted chants of “ECW” and “F*** MCMAHON”. He was then attacked by Brian Myers but was able to fight him off and applied the cross-armbreaker finisher to make Myers tap out.

Below are videos of Del Rio’s appearance as well as tweets from him and Rodriguez:

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  • TheFizPop

    Always liked Del Rio, he will be better off actually wrestling, not acting as one in the wwe. Shame wwe has gone this way, if you’re going to be entertainment, then entertain. The parameters of wwe’s history is preventing this, belts really do mean nothing in wwe now, they are just props for a character to hold, i dont like it but its true. They don’t blur the lines well and its just muddy.