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Alberto Del Rio claims WWE tried to get him to return

  • CC

    I always like Alberto, and felt he was wasted in his second run with the company (not to mention how unfair his original dismissal was), but I don’t believe for a second anyone at WWE has contacted him to come back.
    He is just another Ryback, talking crap and making himself look like a tool when he could have taken the high ground and said next to nothing, which would have made WWE look like the tools.

  • Buzzkiller73

    Man you are,right all real fishy. Starting to think there is a possibility of a self leak for the sake of getting out of this contract for Paige. Stranger things have happened. Not saying that this is what is happening but it is a possibility. The only problem is others were leaked at same time so??

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  • D2K

    The only way I buy him doing that is if this was all leaked from HIS camera which means the worst that can happen is that Paige can sue him for ‘defamation of character’ the way Hogan sued Gawker. Of course, he ain’t got no money so that would be a futile exercise.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Well give credit to Maddox for at least playing it off in the indies that he did it and using this as a jumping off point to start a new crazy heel persona. He is trying to make lemonade.

  • D2K

    He would have to be brick-stupid to have done that. Especially considering the legalities involved. He could be brought up on serious charges if evidence is proven to his involvement and the fact that he is in the video himself and videotaping it, any criminal investigation would start from HIM one would think.

    I’ll be the one with the courage to say it. This whole thing seems like a false-flag to me.

  • Buzzkiller73

    If the WWE wants a latino for their demo there is so much more out there then you Del Rio. A man named Pentagon not only out works you but, can’t speak English very well and is more over than you have ever been. Zero Miedo

  • M

    Without Ricardo Rodriguez along side him, we all can live without ADR back in WWE.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Jesus, he’s starting to act like Ryback.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Pretty sure we all figure it was Maddox. He use to date AJ Lee too, so maybe……….